Socialization training isn't just about being people and dog friendly.  A properly socialized dog is comfortable in his entire environment.  His environment including people, animals, traffic, large crowds, retractable doors, different walking surfaces, dining patios, bicycles, skaters, etc.   A well socialized dog can confidently and comfortably go anywhere with you.  My socialization program is a great short term training program to acclimate your dog to his environment.  This training can also be used as a long term program to add a fun, highly stimulating, weekly activity to your dogs schedule. 


The socialization training is done at different locations around town, with me transporting your dog to and from home (or the office), and typically range from 2-3 hours.  These adventures are a canine favorite!

Package of 4 Sessions $340


Active Canine Club $280 per month

The Active Canine Club is a weekly group outing.  Each week we visit

a different location to generalize obedience and develop well rounded socialization skills.


*the Active Canine Club outings do not include pet parents

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